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This page of resources is provided to help the earnest seeker gain a clearer vision of intentional Christian Community. You can obtain what you find here by simply clicking on the corresponding link that follows a brief description of each item. You will notice that you can get access to the material in a variety of ways; in some instances you may view a document online, in others, you can notify us so we can send you your request, and lastly, you may be given an opportunity purchase a particular item via

Where you choose the option to have us send you the material, we ask that you please consider sending us something to defray the expense [postage, handling, our cost for the item(s)]. Of course, if you cannot afford anything, then, please don't worry about sending anything (God will supply for both needs!). In general, we would like just to give everything that we mention on these pages and not have to be concerned about expenses (and we do this, to a great degree), but we have discovered that this is not always the way the Lord wishes us to supply the need. In a number of instances, we believe that God invites others to share in this ministry of blessing, and prompts them to give over our expense so that we could extend that generosity above our own, allowing us to extend the Lord's kindness to those who would not otherwise be able to afford these resources.

At times, you will notice that we will refer you to for a book that we cannot immediately provide. You should know that Rebuild Journal gets a 5-15% credit for anything you purchase at Amazon via this link, so if you prefer not to make such a secondary donation, please do not feel compelled to obtain your resources this way. (We do not refer you to Amazon to get an "on the side" donation - Actually, we asked Amazon to forward this credit on to you rather than to us, but their accounting department was not set up for this). Frankly, the only reason we offer a link to Amazon at all is because they have just about everything we recommend, their prices are competitive, their customer service is great, and (foremost) it provides a service for those who want the material and donšt want the hassle of trying to find it on their own.

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Lastly, we want to make it clear that all the material on this site is posted with the permission of respective authors/publishers. We are committed to honor all copyright laws, and encourage our readers to do the same. If there is something that you would like to copy and pass on to others, we ask that you please obtain permission from those who own those copyrights. Thank you, and the Lord's blessing to you as you seek first His Kingdom. He is worthy.


Resources On Christian Community

Articles: Articles from various periodicals and newsletters that address subjects complementary to the need, meaning and significance of Christian Community

Audio Tapes: Teachings, sermons and presentations exploring both the vision and practical how-to of Christian Community Most of this material comes from the teaching ministry of the Community at Holy Trinity, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Bible Studies: Bible studies about Christian Community.

Books: Recommended books on Christian Community.

Booklets, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous Literature: Short treatments on Christian Community.

Book Excerpts: Poignant chapters from books or articles that illustrate the vision/practice for intentional Christian Community.

Rebuild Journal Archives: Past Issues of Rebuild Journal.

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