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Common Ground: An Introduction to
Eastern Christianity

Bajis, Jordan, (Light and Life Publishing, Minneapolis, MN, 1989). These three chapters propose that the Biblical and theological foundations of the Christian faith make it clear that Christian Community is not an "option", but integral with what it means to be Church, inherent to what it means to be a Christian.

View Chapter 9:
"What is the Church?"

View Chapter 10:
"The Meaning and Importance
of the Local Church"

View Chapter 11:
"The Impossibility of Individualism"


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Common Ground
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"Confronting the New Barbarians"
from Against the Night

Colson, Charles, "Confronting the New Barbarians", Against The Night, p. 25ff (Servant Press, 1989). This chapter illustrates some of the fundamental philosophical, sociological and theological viruses that have infected the foundations of the Western Church. I offer this chapter for your review as an illustration that preaching the "truth" is not enough, if the Church is to reverse the trend of evil that grows from within, let alone counter the evil that lies "without", she must rediscover her Covenantal roots, and yield a "truthful" (authentic), Gospel People who are committed to live what they believe.

View "Confronting the New Barbarians"

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Against the Night
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