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Clark, Steve, "Mere Christian Community", Pastoral Renewal, Oct. 1976, Vol. 1, No. 4. An excellent summary of some of the most foundational elements that must exist in order to sustain intentional Christian Community.

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Colson, Charles, "Welcome to McChurch: Millions Are Being Served, but Are They Being Fed?", Christianity Today, November, 23, 1992. In this excerpt from his book, The Body, Charles Colson takes a look at the problems that arise when believers and leaders of churches begin to see the Church as a retail outlet bent on "serving customers", rather than as a People who are to call each other into a lifestyle of discipleship and holiness. The excerpt ends with an insightful interview: "We have been so suckered in by the radical individualism of American culture that we've stripped the church of its proper role. But God created the church for the redemption of humankind and to be a witness to the coming kingdom." (Charles Colson).

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Engel F., James, "Will the Great Commission Become the Great Ad Campaign? (Christianity Today, April 26, 1993). Research Fellow James Engel who both has a heart for the unbeliever and is also a specialist in the use of mass media, offers a correction to those who think that they can evangelize the lost with media and technique, while side-stepping the importance that the Church is called to demonstrate the Gospel by the life that her people are to live: "All too frequently I hear … the church is on the earth for one reason—to reach the lost. If that were true, then the local church is only a communication medium. In many ways the church is the message." (James F. Engel)

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Martin, Ralph, "Community: Life of the Trinity": Ralph Martin, New Covenant Magazine. Martin draws parallels between how God exists as Trinity and the relationships that we human beings who are made in His image and likeness are to have with one another. The bottom line: We are to live in Community because God lives in Community, and we were made to live like Him.

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Nouwen, Henri "Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry", Leadership Journal, Volume XVI, No. 2, Spring, 1995. Rev. Nouwen takes a look at the attitudes one must have in order to be in Christian Community, and the balance that is required to have a healthy one. A truly excellent, prayer-provoking article.

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Perrotta, Kevin, "The Loss of Christian Peoplehood", Pastoral Renewal, October, 1987. This article is a truly profound overview of the Church (particularly the Roman Catholic and Protestant bodies) and how community has been eroded by the philosophical, and social trends of past generations. Although this article was published more than ten years ago, the basic philosophical, and biblical premises outlined in this piece are as relevant and timely as they have ever been. The articles offer a powerful apologetic for the need for the Christian people to draw together, and consciously rebuild what secularism has consistently eaten away A very important article.

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Poole, John, "The Church Speaks to the Community", New Wine, [July/August, 1976] pp. 26-28 and "Being God's People", New Wine, [December, 1975] In both of these articles Rev. Poole offers insights as to how the contemporary Christian’s superficial relationships within his/her congregation can only change when people are willing to move out of a "lone ranger" role, and begin to see that their identity is as a part of God’s People.

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"Being God’s People"


Scott, Rev. Dan, "The City of God and the City of Man", Common Voice, (Vol. 4, Number 2., Dec., 91) This transcription of a keynote address at the Word and Spirit Conference calls the Church to look to for a deeper, and more ancient Christian heritage than the individualistic one prevalent in today’s American culture.

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Simpson, Charles, The Organization of Christ or the Body of Christ–Which Are You Building?: Seven Principles for the Development of Body Life , Pastoral Renewal (Nov. 1979). The article is dated, but its message is clear: There is a difference between building programs and building relationships. Rev. Simpson gives great illustrations and practical insight as to how they are different, and why we must not confuse one for the other.

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or the Body of Christ"


Snyder, Howard A., "The Church as Community: Subculture or Counterculture?" (Christianity Today, April 8, 1983) Snyder shares how the surrounding culture needs the Church to be a witness to the Gospel in a way that offers an alternative to its surrounding environment, rather than fits into it. The article gives a give a profile of intentional Christian Community, showing how a true Christian community can offer the Gospel in a way that non-Christians can see, hear, as well as enter into.

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Subculture or Counterculture?"


Snyder, Howard A, An Evangelistic Lifestyle in the Church, Pastoral Renewal, July, 1979. Howard Snyder powerfully presents a case that evangelistic methods that neither flow from the Church community, nor return to there to enfold people into a discipling community are overall ineffective. Although the examples he uses are a bit dated, the principles they illustrate are timeless, forceful, and speak powerfully to those all concerned to reach the lost with the Gospel.

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Wilken, Robert Louis (An interview with Christian History), Roman Redux, Christian History, Vol. 57, 1998, Vol. XVII, No. 1, p. 42. An interview with Dr. Robert Wilken, professor of History at University of Virginia where he illustrates parallels and contrasts with today’s Church and the Church of the New Testament. His observations are very supportive for a Church whose emphasis is on Community and practical, day to day discipleship. Great article.

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Williamson, Peter S., "Peoplehood: A New Model for Church Life" (Parts I, and II), Pastoral Renewal, July/August 1988. . A tremendous summary of the need for intentional Community, and why this vision must be rediscovered and restored. The first part of the article begins addressing the question: "Why are church members having a harder an harder time living a faithful Christ life?’ This one is definitely worth reading and praying about.

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A New Model for Church Life"
(Parts 1-3)


Zoba, Wendy Murray, "Father, Son, and …", Christianity Today, June 17, 1996. A discussion with biblical scholar Gordon D. Fee about the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church, and God’s desire to make "the many one".

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