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Frequently Asked Questions

• Who publishes Rebuild Journal?
Rebuild Journal is a quarterly publication that is sponsored both by the donations of its general readership, and members of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. Rev. Jordan Bajis is the current editor.
• What is the theological orientation of Rebuild Journal?
Although the editor is a pastor of an Eastern Orthodox Christian Community, and his views are reflective of Eastern Orthodox perspectives, Rebuild Journal offers its pages to both Protestant and Roman Catholic authors as well. All Christians who can identify with the Ancient Creeds of the Christian Church, and who deeply love Jesus Christ will be able to find inspiration and challenge in its pages.
• What is the cost of a subscription to Rebuild Journal?
Subscriptions to Rebuild Journal are at no expense - but the production and mailing of this periodical does come at a genuine cost to us. So if you would like to subscribe, please feel very welcome to do so, but feel under no compulsion to forward any fee. Of course, donations are welcome and needed, but as we have come to see the wisdom of Christ when He said, "It is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35), we consider this service as a joy and a privilege.
• What do you mean by intentional Christian Community?
Intentional Christian Community is made up of believers who have made conscious, deliberate, and practical choices to comit their lives to God and one another in ways that direct their lives and set the pitch for their lifestyles. This kind of "community" is distinct and different from the natural, or incidental, community that exists within neighborhoods or in the work place that "just happens", by coincidence or circumstances outside one's control.

If you would like to know more detail about intentional community, please feel welcome to take a look at some of past issues of Rebuild Journal, or check out our Resources Page which carries a large index of tapes, books and other material about Christian Community.

May God Bless you as You dedicate your life in response to His generous, incomprehensible love!

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